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Staff Wills

At Law Essentials Hervey Bay and Maryborough offices, we have a Staff Wills system that enables you and your staff to get a quality, valid Will in place without fuss and at a cheap price. This service has been very well received by Fraser Coast businesses and is worth a look if you own or manage a business in the area.

Below is a breakdown of the standard Will proposal for you showing what it is, what it costs and how it works.

The proposal is to make sure all your staff have a valid Will in place. Easily more than half of them will not have one in place if the Australia wide statistics are correct.

This idea also extends to the spouses/partners of your staff – they simply follow the same process with your staff member.

The price for each Staff Will            


That price is on the basis that the staff standard Wills are done using the process outlined below. Further to that, the price for the Will is based on the classic “Standard Will” – for example:-

(i) Mum & Dad type Wills where Mum leaves everything to Dad and the balance (if Dad dies before Mum) to the (un-named) kids equally – and vice versa; or

(ii) Single person wanting to leave all to their kids equally or to some other person as a whole.

If a staff member for example wanted to leave specific items to various people, then as a base estimate, our costs would increase by $11 (incl GST) per additional clause. We would obviously be up front with any change to the price before proceeding.


So there are 2 options for you with this proposal:-

(i) The boss pays for the staff to get a Will – like a staff perk/present etc; or

(ii) That the individual staff members pay for their own.

Both options still get the discount.

The Process to get your staff wills

If either options (i) or (ii) outlined above were decided upon, the process is as follows:-

(1) You nominate a person to provide us with the names and individual email addresses of the staff that want to participate – if a staff member’s spouse/partner was participating, we would only correspond via the staff member not both;

(2) We email to the individuals a simple Instruction Sheet for completion by them;

(3) They email the Instruction Sheet back to us and we draft the Will based on the instructions;

(4) We email any queries to the individual of what they have provided;

(5) We then confirm what the price would be for the proposed Will and await confirmation from whoever is to pay;

(6) Once the draft is completed, we email the draft to the staff member for their confirmation the content is correct;

(7) Once confirmation is received we email your ‘nominated person’ to tee up a specific time to attend your business to have the documents signed and properly witnessed.

Invoicing for Staff Wills

With respect to invoicing the following will occur:-

(i) If the organisation is paying for all the staff, then we will issue one tax invoice to your organisation, itemising each staff member; or

(ii) If the individuals are to pay, then we will issue a tax invoice in their name which is payable on the day they sign their document(s).

We can of course attend one of your staff meetings if you would like a short discussion on the importance of having a Will in place, with a special emphasis on what happens if you do not have a Will when you die.

Happy to discuss further if you wish.