Wills & Estates

Get the advice you need to make or update your will

Change or create a legal Will

Law Essentials can assist you if you do not have a Will or your personal circumstances have changed. We can answer any queries you have and clarify any complex issues you may have concerning your Will and Estate.

Having a Will is essential as it will enable your assets to be distributed as you wish. Without a Will there are no guarantees that your assets would be given to those you wish to receive the benefit of your Estate.

Free storage of your Will is included

We are happy to keep your original Will in our safe custody at no charge to you so there is no risk of your Will being lost or destroyed.

Our team would also recommend when making your Will that you consider also making an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Why would I make an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Choose who takes care of things if you become unable to

An Enduring Power of Attorney enables you to nominate a person(s) (usually family or close friends) to make decisions on your behalf. These are of use should you become incapable or unable to look after your financial, personal or health matters.

If you were involved in a serious car accident and faced months of treatment in hospital, who would look after such day to day activities such as paying your mortgage, phone bills etc?