Law Essentials are based in regional Queensland, and have had a long association with advising Queenslanders in relation to all aspects of their business and personal activities. Whether buying or selling, we have the team to help you!

Law Essentials performs the legal side of transferring ownership of property. This includes doing the required checks and searches which ensure that sale of the land occurs without any unexpected hassles. It also includes the preparation of contracts which outline all of the terms of the sale.

We can advise you of appropriate settlement periods, GST implications and who should do what when.Our residential conveyancing is a fixed fee and we service the entire State of Queensland.


What we do as part of your Conveyance that is included in our fixed fee:

  • Reviewing the contract and reporting to you on the key terms
    monitoring critical key dates (such as finance approval, building and pest inspections)
  • Conducting and analysing a range of searches on the property
    liaising with your financier to ensure that their requirements are met and that funds are available for settlement
  • arranging the payment of Queensland stamp duty
  • Calculating settlement figures to ensure the correct amount is paid at settlement
  • Attending settlement on your behalf, obtaining property title and reporting to you.


What we do as part of your Conveyance that is included in our fixed fee:

  • Ensuring compliance with contract terms, conditions and time limits
  • Making sure that you are paid in full and that all outstanding rates and other charges are paid and accounted for
  • Arranging for the payment and proper legal discharge of any mortgages on your property
  • Checking that all documents that you are required to sign are correct
  • Informing the necessary authorities of your sale
  • Attending settlement for you
  • Preparing final settlement statements

Business Law

Our goal is to provide all those legal products and services that are essential to regional Queenslanders and their small businesses.

We will help you achieve your business objectives while ensuring your legal obligations are being met. We take the time to fully understand your business operations and needs before supporting you with advice in the following fields:

  • Buy and sell small businesses
  • Cash Flow Protection Packs
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Private Superannuation Fund essentials: leases, agreements, and other documents.
  • Div 7A Loan Documents
  • Directors Loan Agreements and Bills of Sale
  • Franchising
  • Retail Shop Leases
  • Commercial Leases
  • Business Restructuring
  • Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements
  • Mortgages and Securities
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Commercial Litigation

Law Essentials can advise and act for clients (individuals, small business or large corporations) involved in various forms of commercial dispute, ranging from business partnership breakdowns, protection of and disputes concerning intellectual property, corporate and personal insolvency, contractual disputes, trade practices law, and bankruptcy. If you are unsure whether or not we can assist you please contact us.

Wherever possible, Law Essentials seeks a pragmatic, ‘resolution-focused’ approach to commercial disputes to deliver a timely and cost-effective “win/win” outcome.

If the circumstances of the case require a different approach, Law Essentials will “fight the fight” in order to best protect your position.

Fisheries Law

Law Essentials is the leading fisheries law firm in Queensland. We represent both commercial fishing businesses, recreational fishers and associated onshore businesses and groups.  Some areas include:-

  • Restructure arrangements with Government;
  • Defence of Fisheries Prosecutions;
  • Buying and selling vessels, licences and quota;
  • QCAT appeals;
  • Lobby work with Government for particular commercial and recreational fishing interest groups;
  • Strategic advice for commercial fishing businesses;

We conduct work anywhere from the Gold Coast to the Torres Strait, and all places in between!


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Family Law Services

We can assist you with parenting disputes, property disputes, spouse maintenance claims, financial agreements, child support, domestic violence matters and mediation associated with family law disputes.

We offer FIXED FEE and DEFERRED FEE packages where applicable.

It is highly advisable that you consider consulting a family lawyer, at an early stage, if you are planning to separate from your partner or spouse, especially if you expect to be involved in Family Court or Federal Circuit Court proceedings. These matters can be quite complex, particularly where parenting or property disputes are concerned. We have considerable experience in all areas of family law and have the capacity and desire to deliver strong results.

Family Law services we specialise in include:

Wills & Estates

Do you have a Will? Law Essentials can assist you if you do not have a Will or your personal circumstances have changed. We can answer any queries you have and clarify any complex issues you may have concerning your Will and Estate.

Having a Will is essential as it will enable your assets to be distributed as you wish. Without a Will there are no guarantee that your assets would be given to those you wish to receive the benefit of your Estate.

We are happy to keep your original Will in our safe custody at no charge to you so there is no risk of your Will being lost or destroyed.

Our team would also recommend when making your Will that you consider also making an Enduring Power of Attorney. An Enduring Power of Attorney enables you to nominate a person (usually family or close friends) to make decisions on your behalf. These are of use should you become incapable or unable to look after your financial, personal or health matters.

If you were involved in a serious car accident and faced months of treatment in hospital, who would look after such day to day activities such as paying your mortgage, phone bills etc?