Family Law

Get the help you need with family law disputes

We can assist you with parenting disputes, property disputes, spouse maintenance claims, financial agreements, child support, domestic violence matters and mediation associated with family law disputes.

We offer FIXED FEE and DEFERRED FEE packages where applicable.

It is highly advisable that you consider consulting a family lawyer, at an early stage, if you are planning to separate from your partner or spouse, especially if you expect to be involved in Family Court or Federal Circuit Court proceedings.

These matters can be quite complex, particularly where parenting or property disputes are concerned. We have considerable experience in all areas of family law and have the capacity and desire to deliver strong results.

Family Law

It is highly desirable for parents to reach an agreement regarding any arrangements for their children. Issues involving the care, welfare and development of your children can be complex. Any decisions you make now can have significant implications for the future. You should talk to your lawyer to ensure that any agreement reached will be binding, even if your former partner changes their mind in the future.

Advice on Property Disputes
It is in the best interest of both parties for separating couples to try and reach a mutually beneficial agreement regarding the division of their assets.

Regardless of whether or not agreement can be reached, the rules governing the division of assets are complex and legal advice should be sought as early as possible. Certainly before making any final decisions. We can assist with Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreements, Mediation and Court Hearings.

Help with Spousal Maintenance Claims
Everyone needs money to survive. Circumstances obviously change following a marriage breakdown and it’s not always possible to support yourself. For this reason, maintenance claims usually carry a sense of urgency and while it is not uncommon for maintenance to be included as part of the property settlement, timely advice could make a considerable difference. Both parties are required to make a genuine effort to reach an agreement but regardless of whether or not an agreement can be reached, the rules governing the division of assets are complex and legal advice should be sought as early as possible and certainly before making any final decisions.
Advice on Binding Financial Agreements
Depending on your situation, there are a number of binding financial agreement options to consider. Regardless of your situation or requirements, the laws concerning financial agreements are very specific and complex. Unless the agreement is lodged correctly it will not be binding. It is highly advisable to seek assistance from your lawyer for any financial agreement.
Help with Child Support Agreements
There should be nothing more important than the care, health, welfare and development or your children. The Child Support Agency encourages people to reach their own agreements which can include different forms of child support such as payment of school fees, health insurance, or mortgage repayments as well as cash payments. As cases involving children can be complex, it is always advisable to check with a family lawyer before finalising a Child Support Agreement. Particularly if it is being done as part of an overall resolution of financial matters between you and your former partner.
Family Mediation
The Mediation process is designed to assist all parties involved in a dispute to understand and isolate the core issues, consider their options and the likely effect of each decision and to reach a consensual agreement that best suits the interests of all involved.
Domestic Violence Legal Advice
Irrespective of whether couples are married or are in a de facto relationship, there is zero tolerance for acts of domestic violence. Protection from harm is a fundamental principal and the law does not tolerate family violence or child abuse in any circumstances. Domestic violence includes actions or threats or witnessing actions or threats by a person against another family member or their property. If you are, or someone you know is, affected by family or domestic violence we urge you to seek advice and assistance immediately.