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What goes wrong with and without a will in Queensland

Our Hervey Bay and Maryborough based team have been helping Queenslanders make wills for long enough to hear some myths that don’t hold up. Here are a few that can have a big impact on how successfully your wishes are respected.

Myth: I don’t own a house so there’s no point having a will

Reality: Your superannuation and everything else you own forms part of your estate.  Queensland law requires an estate to be sorted out when someone dies. Having a will makes that process simpler and cheaper for those left behind.

Myth: I can just write out a will on my own or using a kit and be all set

Reality: There are requirements for a will to be considered valid in Queensland particularly around witnesses and the wording that must be used. If you go it alone, your will could be challenged in court which eats up money that you intended to pass on.

Myth: I’ll be gone so I shouldn’t worry about a will

Reality: Making a basic will in Queensland usually takes under half an hour and makes things easier for your next of kin while ensuring your wishes are respected.

Myth: Once I make a will, I never need to adjust it

Reality: Many life events such as getting married/divorced, a new child or grandchild, moving into a de facto relationship and the death of a beneficiary, are all good reasons to revisit your will. When you make a new will, you declare that any old wills are invalid (whether made in Queensland or anywhere else), you don’t need to hunt them down one-by-one for your new will to replace them.