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One Visit Wills in Queensland

ONE VISIT WILLS are for busy people that appreciate a straightforward process for making a “simple” will. We can obtain your instructions remotely (which is more common and safe now in this COVID world), prepare the will, and then you only have to attend the office once (for about 5 minutes) to sign your new will. One visit wills are available at either the Hervey Bay or Maryborough office.

Make a one visiting will in Queensland Australia

Whether you are making your first will or updating/replacing an existing will, Law Essentials can get you squared away with a “simple” will for just $200.00 (including GST)*.  We can then hold your original will at our office in secure storage free of charge if you wish.   

All adults should have a legal will, and our team believes in making the process as simple as possible.

One Visit Wills

Many law firms insist on having one office visit to ask you questions about your will and then you have to come back another time to talk you through the will they put together for you and sign it.  That does not always suit busy people, so we have streamlined the process. 

Wills don’t have to be hard to read or understand either. We regularly have people come in to update their wills and when asked if they understand their current will, they answer “not really”. There is no requirement for a will to include old-fashioned words from an ancient law text book. Although there are some specific requirements around what must be included in a will, you won’t find the confusing legal mumbo jumbo at Law Essentials

We simply create a valid will that you can understand, for a red hot price.

*A “simple” will is determined as:-  (eg) you leave your estate to your partner and if they die to the kids equally; or you leave your estate to someone else and if they die to another person. Additional clauses are $11 per clause (incl gst)