Prawn White Spot Disease Class Action

Why is there a class action about prawn white spot disease?

The Class Action seeks damages on behalf of claimants connected with the Australian seafood industry who have suffered financially and will continue to suffer financially due to Prawn White Spot Disease caused by alleged biosecurity breaches at the Australian border in or about 2016 and 2017. It will be alleged that those breaches resulted in the introduction of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and the eventual outbreak of White Spot Disease in Australia, which has devastated the commercial prawn, seafood and bait industries.

Listen to Chris Thompson outline the class action

Chris Thompson joined the QSIA Podcast to discuss the white spot class action

The Class Action is being fully funded by Omni Bridgeway.  Clyde & Co Lawyers are the lead law firm running the case against the Commonwealth Government.

Law Essentials are assisting Omni Bridgeway and Clyde & Co with Book Building and evidence gathering.  Signing up is the first step for anyone impacted by the introduction of WSD into the country – The prawn white spot litigation funding scheme

Cooked Australian prawns on ice. The industry has been heavily affected by prawn white spot disease.

Who can join the class action?

Commercial fishers, skippers, deckies, lessees of licenses, commercial prawn importers, commercial prawn farmers, commercial wholesalers, processors and transporters should evaluate joining the class action. Seafood retailers are not part of this class action.

What deadlines are there to join the white spot disease class action?

30 July 2021 is the date that people need to sign on to the class action in order to be included.

Does it cost money to join the class action?

Because Omni Bridgeway is involved as a funder of this class action, it won’t cost you a cent out of your pocket. They earn their share once the claim is successful. If the claim is unsuccessful, you don’t owe anything as Omni Bridgeway has assumed the responsibility for any financial risks and costs of bringing the class action.

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