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Bag Limits for Recreational Fishing in Queensland

In this short video, Chris Thompson outlines why the term “bag limit” causes confusion and headaches for Queensland fishers.

The term “Bag Limit” does not exist in the current QLD Fisheries legislation/rules.

I regularly hear fishers talking about bag limits, however with the wrong understanding of what the law says about how many fish/crabs etc you can keep, you could find yourself up your favourite fishing creek without a paddle. The fines can be pretty steep.

The correct term for a “Bag Limit” is a “Possession Limit”.

Possession limits do not apply on a per day basis.

It includes the fish/crabs you might have at home in the freezer that you caught yesterday, last month, or even last year. That includes fish you might have caught and put away for crab pot bait too.

So be careful of this rule. Know what you have at home as well.