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Fixed Fee Conveyancing Quotes Queensland

Quotes for Buying and Selling Property in Hervey Bay and Maryborough, Queensland

At Law Essentials we are happy to publish our fixed fee conveyancing rates for buying and selling property in Queensland. Our conveyancing team can help you from either our Hervey Bay or Maryborough offices.

Whether you are moving to the Fraser Coast region, moving locally or moving out of state, we can help make sure your property transaction goes as it should.

Property Sale Fixed Fee Quote

$900 + GST(+ Title Search if applicable/PEXA)

If Postcode is 4560
$800 + GST (+ Title Search if applicable/PEXA)

What’s included?

When selling a property in Maryborough, Hervey Bay or anywhere in Queensland, our fixed fee conveyancing includes ensuring compliance with contract terms, conditions and time limits.

We make sure that you are paid in full and that all outstanding rates and other changes are properly paid and accounted for.

Our team arranges for the payment and proper discharge of any mortgages on your property.

We check all documents that you are required to sign are correct.

Informing the necessary authorities of the sales is included.

Our conveyancers prepare the final settlement statements and attend settlement for you.

Property Purchase Fixed Fee Quote

$1,000 + GST (+ searches/PEXA)

If Postcode is 4560
Purchase $900 + GST (+ searches/PEXA)

What’s included?

When buying a property in Queensland, an experienced conveyancer will monitor the contract and key dates for an agreed on fixed fee conveyancing price.

We conduct appropriate searches on the property to make avoid surprises.

Our Hervey Bay and Maryborough based team is experienced at working with your financier to ensure that their requirements are met and that funds are ready when they are needed.

We arrange the payment of the Queensland stamp duty and calculate the appropriate settlement figures to ensure things are done correctly.

Attending the property settlement, obtaining the property title and reporting back to you are handled by the Law Essentials team.

We’ve even helped buyers who are moving from other states to successfully buy their property

With each fixed fee conveyance, the client & their family members are entitled to

A discounted “simple” Will for $90.00 + GST